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Learn about your ancestors 
  who lived and
worked in the
shadow of
Mt. Morrone
in the beautiful
village of Pacentro

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Website Photography by Mary Ann Dailey

Welcome to Pacentro Genealogy


This is the only website that
provides exclusive genealogy
research on ancestors from
Pacentro (Abruzzo) Italy.
You provide the Pacentrani
surname and brief data.
Then, I conduct the research,
format the data, and
create a beautiful volume
for your family to
treasure for a lifetime!  


Learn about genealogy and my favorite Italian village of Pacentro. Read my BLOG with stories about the villagers of Pacentro, including those who emigrated to America.

If your ancestors lived in the village of Pacentro (AQ) Italy, then I can create your family genealogy. Contact me regarding specific ancestors and pricing.

About Pacentro Genealogy Services

Ciao, Paesani! Pacentro Genealogy offers a genealogical research service for descendants of villagers from Pacentro, Italy. With data amassed over the past 30-years, I can create your family genealogy with generations of information supported by birth, baptism, death and marriage records from Pacentro, as well as the 1753 Catasto Onciario (a Pacentro village census).


Actual "customer reviews" for Pacentro Genealogy can be found here.

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