Learn about your ancestors, who lived and worked in the shadow of Mt. Morrone in the beautiful village of Pacentro

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Welcome to Pacentro Genealogy...


The only website that provides exclusive genealogy research on ancestors from

Pacentro (Abruzzo) Italy.


You provide the Pacentrani surname and brief data...

then, I conduct the research,

format the data and

create a beautiful volume

for your family to

treasure for a lifetime!  

Customer Comments

"Genealogy has been my hobby for several years, but even with online genealogy sites I ran into a dead end in researching my grandfather's Pacentro roots. Mary Ann to the rescue!
Mary Ann has access to a remarkable database and was able to provide me with detailed records going back to the 1700's and filled in most of the blank spaces on my family tree.
Mary Ann is amazingly helpful and easy to work with and I highly recommend her services!"  .............Deb

"Mary Ann conducted a very thorough search and compiled an extensively detailed summary of both sides of my family's genealogical histories going back to the 1700's. I was very pleased with the results and would highly recommend using her services.

Best regards, Mike"

About Pacentro Genealogy Services

Ciao, Paesani! Pacentro Genealogy offers a genealogical research service for descendants of villagers from Pacentro, Italy. With data amassed over the past 30-years, I can create your family genealogy with generations of information supported by birth, baptism, death and marriage records from Pacentro, as well as the 1753 Catasto Onciario (a Pacentro village census).


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Customer Comment: "Our father was born in Pacentro, Italy and came to America as a teenager in the very early 1900’s. He passed away in the 1950’s when we were very young. We knew a lot about his life in America, but nothing about his life or his relatives in Pacentro other than his parents names.  My sister and I went to Pacentro hoping to find information about his parents, his siblings, and his cousins.  We went to “city hall”, we went to the Church, we went to the cemetery.  We were not able to get any information. We gave the clerk at city hall all the information we had and she said she would get back to us (we never heard anything from her).  All we came home with was information from a person we met in the town about a Pacentro Club in Detroit, Michigan.  We contacted them and they gave us Mary Ann Dailey’s information.  What a gift that was. Mary Ann brought our father and our ancestors to life for us.  Her research and expertise has given us the other half of ourselves. What a beautiful and extensive job she did.  We will be forever grateful."


Salvatore, Lois, Faith, and Paul - Dec. 2017